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Diagnostic Voice and Performance Coach





Rebecca is a West-End Producer and Actor as well as an award winning Writer and Director.


She has worked in and excelled in more areas than most and for that reason has a unique perspective on how vocal production can effect not only actors, but individuals trying to make it in the Corporate world too.


Rebecca trained and obtained a BA (Hons) Degree in the performing arts at ArtsEd London and is now based in Dublin.

Working with Rebecca in either a 1-2-1 session or during one of her workshops will elevate your vocal strength, your ideas and aid you in excelling when placed in pressured situations.



Whether you are getting ready for an in-room or video call casting, an audition for drama school or prepping a role you've already booked, Rebecca will work with you and your material to have you feeling confident, secure and ready to take on the role with the utmost professionalism and confidence.


Public speaking is a skill, and like all skills it can come naturally to some but must be learned by others. In session, Rebecca will discuss some of the key aspects of delivering a great presentation and/or speaking clearly in meetings so that your ideas and thoughts are clearly expressed and not swallowed up or trampled by other, louder voices.


Each session will be tailored specifically to you and what you are preparing for whether that be in the Corporate or Entertainment industries. The aim of the session will be to empower you to be the best public speaker that you can be.


Rebecca offers the following 90 minute workshops via Zoom for groups


How To Create Your Own Work

This is an in-depth look into the practical elements of getting a production fully realised either on stage or made into a short film.

The Writers Voice

This is an in-depth look into what it takes to create something brand new. Rebecca will take you through her own writing process, how she begins with a concept and then develops that into a fully realised piece of writing.

Self Tape Best Practices

Are you putting your best foot forward when asked to tape for a role? If you're not sure, this is the workshop for you. Rebecca will take you through exactly what you do and, most importantly, don't need to get your tape working for you to impress Casting Directors and increase your chance of progressing to the next stage of casting.


A big opportunity has come in, you must self-tape but you don't have the right set up at home to do it yourself. Maybe you'd really like someone to read off camera who is confident in self taping but none of your actor friends are available.


Perhaps friends are available, but you'd really like someone who could direct you in the scene to elevate your performance. Book in with Rebecca who will solve all your self taping worries.

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Rebecca Hickey ​​

Diagnostic Voice and Performance Coach


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