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With over fifteen years’ experience in the entertainment industry, not only as an actor, but as a director and a producer, Rebecca is an extremely well-rounded coach. Rebecca can offer insight, from all sides, to better equip your voice with the tools it needs when placed in a high-pressured, performance based situation. To book a 1-2-1 session with her today, click here.



Whether you are getting ready for an in-room or video call casting, an audition for third level education in the performing arts or prepping a role you've already booked and wish to be in a position to bring ideas into the rehearsal room. Rebecca will work with you and through your material in this 1 hour session, to make sure you are feeling your most confident when it’s time to perform.


Public speaking is a skill, and like all skills it can come naturally to some but must be learned by others. In this 1 hour session, Rebecca will discuss some of the key aspects of delivering a great presentation and/or pitch, so that your ideas and thoughts are clearly expressed and heard. The session will be tailored specifically to you and what you are preparing for, whether it’s a chat in a boardroom, an engaging presentation to thousands, a pitch for your next film or a competition. The aim will be to empower you to leave the session feeling confident and ready to take control and execute your challenge head on.


This package offers you the opportunity to send up to five self tapes to Rebecca for her to watch, review and give feedback on. This will range from performance choices to eye-line, lighting to framing. Rebecca also offers 1 hour sessions in order to assist you in recording a specific tape where she will offer personalised direction.

*Workshops for groups are available on request  


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