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“Timing and rhythm are integral to how I work as a director. Basically ‘not my tempo’ from the movie ‘Whiplash’, but without the violence!”

Hot Chocolate Screenplay Poster_edited.j

hot chocolate

Currently in post-production, ‘Hot Chocolate’ is Rebecca’s film Directorial debut and tells the tale of Steph and Beth, best friends for over a decade. But when Beth starts to change without prior notice of 7-10 business days, Steph’s anxiety skyrockets.

The Next Room Poster.PNG

the next room

Written by Ger Collis, this 1-act play was selected for Scene+Heard 2021. It played in the Boys School at Smock Alley Theatre and received a great reception at its sold out run. ‘The Next Room’ is currently being expanded into a full-length play, at which time, Rebecca will continue with the piece in its new form.

Hair DCU_edited_edited_edited.jpg

hair, the musical

Rebecca directed the Irish premiere of ‘Hair, The Musical’ with the players in Dublin City University’s drama society. The show was a huge success and won the prestigious Gilbert Spirit award from the Association of Irish Musical Societies of Ireland.

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