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When a toy car turns out to be hell on wheels, two mismatched sisters find themselves under the watchful eye of the most feared woman in town. The head of the PTA.

Hot Chocolate

Steph and Beth have been best friends for over a decade. But when Beth starts to change without prior notice of 7-10 business days, Steph’s inner anxiety skyrockets.


When an unlucky-in-love, claustrophobic, emergency operator in Ireland, answers yet another call, she never expects to have to face her own fear in order to help another.

Alicia Day is A.O.K.

When pop singing sensation Alicia Day suffers an unexpected health complication, she finds comfort from an unexpected source.

The Performance Review

A manager must conduct her first performance review after a complaint has been issued.

Date Night

When an elderly gentleman goes on a first date, he learns that, whilst memories are sometimes forgotten, love never is.


A poignant vignette of perseverance through grief and accepting that moving on, is not a betrayal.

Dear Ireland

Out of nearly 400 submissions, this was one of just 20 letters chosen to be performed on the Abbey’s stage, breaking the theatre’s longest silence in its history.

The Séance

It's Halloween, it's also Aisling's birthday and she’s convinced her bestfriends to do a Séance with her. Josh, Paul, Carl and Ian all have differing opinions on this, but they show up nonetheless - for Aisling. The last thing anyone expected was for it to work.

A Night at the Musicals

Rebecca co-wrote West-End star Christina Modestou’s hit cabaret which wowed audiences and critics alike throughout its run in 2020.


A winner at the Dun Laoghaire Local Voices Short Story competition. The brief was that all stories had to be set during the first Lockdown in Ireland.

10 Months

‘Prep' meets Jane Austen for the ‘Normal People’ generation. Set in 2006 Ireland, Gwen Campbell is a highly intelligent, final-year, legacy student at Augustine’s Boarding School for Boys and Girls who is asked to show the new scholarship student, Jimmy Chen, around. Their final school-year promises excitement, arguments, a school prank for the ages, a holiday abroad and a boundary pushing relationship that neither of them saw coming.

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